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Facebook removes Opossum page but leaves bigoted content

It’s Christmas afternoon and you’re with your family enjoying a moment with loved ones when you randomly receive a notification from Facebook saying your 13 day old Opossum page was unpublished. The page is called Anarcho-Opossumism and was well received by others. According to the creator of the page, who wishes to stay anonymous, this was a shock as they say they reported numerous posts on that social media platform that were openly racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, etc to no avail yet a community site about Opossums sharing inspirational and leftist quotes was removed.

(Notification from December 25th 2017 12:19PM Eastern US)

The double standards from Facebook as to what exactly their standards are have been troublesome for some time now, and this just continues the cycle that proves just that. How do you remove a small albeit growing Opossum page yet leave up sites like ‘Europa Rising’, ‘Anarchyball’ ‘Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’ ‘God Emperor Trump’ as well as other crypto fascists trying to be edgy whilist promoting their brand of bigotry? To say you have standards within your community yet say that these pages are acceptable clearly states you condone that kind of rhetoric and do not care about those targeted and affected by it.

Facebook was always designed to share thoughts as well as network but it seems it is only for those who fit certain socioeconomic criterias. The page and it’s creator are currently awaiting an their appeal to be heard by Facebook since Christmas afternoon (12:19PM Eastern US) to have their community page of over 7,000 members. What can you say? People love Opossums and loathe capitalism. You simply cannot fault the community for demanding their newsfeed be filled with adorable trash babies and communist propaganda.

Let’s hope they are back up and running ASAP.


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6 replies

  1. That’s a shame. I just discovered this page and actually liked the content. Hopefully it will be up and running again.


  2. i did not get to see it, but i am sure that page had a lot of “kill the cops” “kill the cishets” “all capitlists must die” “Stalin is my god”


    • Seed Anarchist or Anarcho yet assumes they worship Stalin. How many levels of “I don’t know political ideologies” are you on? I also like how you make assumptions while admitting you never seen the page, almost like you’re willing to admit you’re too lazy and or ignorant to research any of your claims.



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