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Greensboro Coliseum Director Matt Brown Makes $288K A Year While Most Employees Make Under $10 An Hour

Greensboro, N.C: The Coliseum Complex located Off Coliseum Blvd and West Gate City in Greensboro has been subject to controversy for years. No, it’s not the venue itself but the Director Matt Brown’s salary which is now up to $288K a year. In fact Matt Brown makes more money a year than his boss, City Manager Jim Westmoreland, who is paid $200,000 a year. He also seems to be receiving raises for himself while employees wages remain stagnant. Matt is in charge of Disney on Ice and UNCG (University of North Carolina of Greensboro) Men’s basketball home games whereas Jim is in charge of making sure the people have drinking water. If that alone isn’t controversy as Matt has been making over $200K a year since 2007, then what he pays his employees should be criminal. Majority of the employees, who are the bread and butter of the Coliseum, make under $10 an hour. The food stands that up charge you, pay their employees under $9. The housekeeping crew makes $9 an hour unless they are the temp agency that also works there as non city employees, Bradley Personnel, pays $8.50 an hour. Ticket Seller is $9 an hour. This doesn’t include show performance, ushers, maintenance, security, and event preparations who’s salary is either similar or slightly higher.


The Coliseum doesn’t offer much in the terms of full time opportunities which would have an elevated salary then which part time is offered so nearly every employee you see greeting you at your event is working multiple jobs. This is especially a reality for most as when you’re a part time city employee you can only work 1,000 hours a year, which if you make $9 an hour that is only $9K, and that’s IF you even come close to hitting that hourly cap mark. Not only does a director of entertainment make more than his boss who is in charge of the whole city’s operations, but he also has employees that afford him the ability to make nearly 800 times more than some of his employees (factoring Matt’s salary at 40 hours a week) while denying raises to his workers for years.

The Coliseum hierarchy claim that the ACC’s removal, now which will return, from NCAA basketball tournament games, where the reason behind the lack of raises yet we have seen Matt give himself a raise, time and time again. If you speak to long time employees they will refute that claim and remind you that it has been like this for as long as they can remember. There is more than enough profits coming in which is benefited by years of exploited labor to be able to dish out raises and benefits to all your employees. Sadly we know that isn’t going to happen under that regime, as progress in the south is slow.

The wage gap speaks on either the failure of capitalism of the condoning of it’s structural violence. City ran jobs should not have employees who live in seedy motels in Kernersville working years for them at the same wage. It is unfathomable to say that capitalism is sustainable when the workers are economic prisoners. There are no bootstraps to be pulled. Only a direct deposit of hard work with low pay and sadness. It’s wage theft. So next time you are in the Triad at an event at the Coliseum, remember that those who are employed there are being taken advantage of by their employers.



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