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All Cops Are B*stards: Here’s Why

The topic of systemic oppression and police brutality have been a major issue for many communities in the U.S. as well as worldwide for as long as their have been police in existence. It has only now become a more well known issue thanks to new technology like camera phones and the ability to share graphic and detail videos and images across social media platform like Facebook and Twitter. It is not an easy issue to discuss in the U.S. for a multitude of reasons, mostly the refusal by a majority of Americans to believe those affected by police presence in their communities. In this article, I will attempt to explain to those who refuse to understand why the job of a police officer is oppressive, therefore making the officer a tool of oppression and not a member of the working class.

First and foremost there is a false narrative in the U.S. that police serve and protect the communities they are employed by. That simply is not true. The Supreme Court ruled on June 27, 2005 that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm. The police will only help you if you have “property interests”. In the case referenced, it was determined that a mother of 3 who had a restraining order against her violent husband, had called the police requesting the search and arrest of her husband who violate the order when he kidnapped their 3 children. They were eventually murdered. If police aren’t here to serve or protect that mother and her 3 children, but are here for property interests, why proclaim you provide a service to people when in actuality you don’t?

That is because all police enforce only 2 things. Property rights. And whatever laws are on the books by their state and federal governments. Police only serve those with capital and political power. Jim Crow laws were enforced by police as it was their job to uphold their local laws no matter what. Blind obedience does not free you from your guilty compliance. Stop and Frisk laws and drug laws have been in the public eye as a problem since the Regan era and feeds into the officers bias as well as population control in urban areas affected by structural violence caused by capitalism. Neo-Colonialism has now allowed the people that is oppressed most within this system structure to become the oppressors. Neo-Colonialism mentality feeds off Internal racism, self hatred, and capitalistic fallacies like the ability to pull oneself up by nonexistent bootstraps by promoting the career of upholding the status quo.

With all this brutality being caught on tape, there most be some backlash within police departments as we all know the good cops will stand up and stop the bad ones, right? If there wasn’t over 1,100 people dead at the hands of police in the U.S. during 2017, it would be laughable. Those who do stand up towards police corruption are either killed, Christopher Dorner, or fired like the cop in West Virginia for not shooting a suicidal person. You either face extreme persecution or the reality of a new career so in a scarce job market you stay quiet and therefore become complicit for not condemning bad actions by your badged friends.

To all those saying the job of a police officer is dangerous therefore we should give them some pity for such a hard job. It’s not. Garbage collectors have a more dangerous job than police yet they are coming to your neighborhoods and killing you or your dog. Police aren’t even in the top 10 in most dangerous jobs in the U.S. To say that they are in constant danger therefore are justifiable for killing unarmed people is simply stating you support innocent people being murdered to fit your narrative. Two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence in contrast of the 10% of the general population who have. It seems it is more dangerous to be married to or related to a cop than being one.

Police have a long history of being in racist groups and today is nothing new yet people of color are being demonized for speaking on police brutality yet have no issue with their racist processes as well as their domestic violence. For all those turning the NFL off this year because of their protests while having thin blue lines they use to wag their fingers in people of color’s faces whenever they run afoul need to evaluate their positions on life when their beloved police commit more atrocities than the NFL combined. While not set in stone, even Snopes can not shoot down the notion that police in the U.S. were created to be on runaway slave patrol then grow into anti-labor tools for the bourgeoisie.

The police benefit and benefit from the prison industrial complex. Every arrest benefits those who own the prisons whether it is the state or privately as well as those making the arrests. More police mean more prisoners mean more demand for prisons thus repeating the cycle in the name of profit as their in free or criminally cheap labor to be had in the prisons. The U.S. Military uses prison labor to make their uniforms. At $100 million dollars they pay prisoners $2 an hour, which is a “high rate” for prison labor. Prisoners also make other items proving that capitalism cannot survive without police and forced cheap labor and also that there cannot be ethical consumption for a system designed in that manner.

As of the publication of this article there will be a total of 1,182 people murdered by police in 2017 and millions of justifications of their deaths by “patriotic” Americans. There will only be 124 dead officers in 2017. 48 are because of a vehicle, boating, or airplane accident therefore are not murders.  13 more were due to heart attacks and 5 because of drowning. That is another 18 deaths that are not murders. That is more than half of that list being dwindled down to 58 cops possibly killed in the line of duty. 1,182 is far greater than 58. There is no war on police. There is a war on us.

Now to strawmen arguments of white people are killed more by police than people of color yet aren’t protesting. All those statements are true though strawman. While more white people are killed by police, that is because there are more white people in the U.S. than any other race. That is the difference between majority and minority and one of the reasons the right is so afraid of a white genocide, as they know the power structure of being a minority is a lot different than they are used to. In fact, Native Americans have the highest ratio of their people murdered by police in the U.S., followed by Hispanics, then black folks. White people are 4th within that ratio despite a higher population than the others. So to say you don’t protest about your people being murdered at whatever rate you think it is, that silence is not something to be proud of as it seems you are a class traitor and aligned with oppressors.

The job of police will change over time as in which laws are being upheld but it will never change the basic job functions of an everyday police officer. They will always be rooted in oppression of the socioeconomically disenfranchised. Serving and protecting the community was always a farse created by the system, police are designed to protect. Police only serve and protect the elite while terrorizing the communities they claim to help.

If you cherish your friend or family member, please explain to them why becoming a cop is not an honorable or respectful thing. Explain that blue lives don’t exist unless it is a Smurf, and that saying ‘Blue Lives Matter’ is a white supremacy derailment from ‘Black Lives Matter’. Reforming police, like capitalism would do no good other than to place a band-aid across an amputation. The only answer is disbanding the police with self policing within our communities in the spirit of the Black Panthers. Another world is possible but we will never achieve that world trying to reform gestapo of the bourgeoisie state. And this why we say All Cops Are Bastards.


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2 replies

  1. Hi. Just wanted to say, great article! I definitely learned a lot from the article, but I wanted to make a few suggestions to help with the overall readability and strength of its arguments. None of these aim to criticize the validity of the article. Thank you for using really good, verifiable sources throughout!

    I think it would help to drive your point home, in paragraph four, if you were to have a larger list of police officers that have stood up to police corruption. Two modern examples, in different states, illustrates that there is most definitely an issue, but having more examples from different decades and even more parts of the country would further emphasize how systematic the problem actually is.

    I was surprised by the information in paragraph five originally, though it made sense to me after thinking about it for a bit. While after further research, I found that these claims are, without a doubt, true. I noticed that the sources the “40%” statistic, from ‘’, uses some studies that are from 1991 and 1992. These, respectively, are in the foot notes:
    “Johnson, L.B. (1991). On the front lines: Police stress and family well-being. Hearing before the Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families House of Representatives: 102 Congress First Session May 20 (p. 32-48). Washington DC: US Government Printing Office.”
    “Neidig, P.H., Russell, H.E. & Seng, A.F. (1992). Interspousal aggression in law enforcement families: A preliminary investigation. Police Studies, Vol. 15 (1), p. 30-38.”

    These studies are good, reputable studies, but they are a bit out of date. In addition to including these, it would be helpful to include more studies, such as this one “”, that illuminate that not only do the police have more domestic abuse problems, but that this information has been available for over a decade and the police have yet to reduce these numbers.

    Paragraph six establishes that there are definitive ties between the police and racism in America, but I need another source to your claim that the “Police have a long history of being in racist groups”. You have shown that two members of the police were apart of the KKK, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate anything about the ‘long history’ of police membership. Give me a source that proves that numerous police members have had affiliation with racist groups such as the KKK, of their own volition, throughout a long period of time. Police being involved with slave patrol and enforcing Jim Crow laws, while undeniably racist acts, does not totally mean that they had membership in a ‘racist group’, like the KKK. Or are you not making a distinction between groups such as the KKK and groups of police who have enforced racist laws. That would be completely valid, yet this may come down to how you define ‘racist group’.

    In the seventh paragraph, where you discuss police benefiting from the prison-industrial complex, it would be helpful if you could elaborate specifically on how the police, as individuals or a whole, benefit from the incarceration of more people. There seems to be a direct connection between politicians, the government, the economy, and private business owners can profit from the incarceration of more people, but I just didn’t really find much in the article discussing the police’s incentives to lock people up. (This is coming from a person who has a general understanding of the prison-industrial complex. Not all readers will know a ton about the subject, so its important to point out this connection, maybe even over emphasis it. Discussing quotas for traffic tickets and policies such as those may do this.) Furthermore, while you could say that logically, “more police mean more prisoners”, I need some sort of proof that this claim is true in the US. For instance, one could claim that, theoretically, if you were to hire a lot more police in a nation without much crime, there shouldn’t be much of an increase in the amount of people arrested. No?

    When you discuss the strawmen arguments in the 9th paragraph it would be nice if you could cite what source you’re using to find the overall population of Native Americans, Latinos, African-Americans, Caucasians and calculate the ratios at which they are killed by police. The 2010 census is getting a bit outdated now, but it could possibly be a good potential source.

    Other than these things, and maybe reading it aloud to someone to help correct any possible grammar errors, you have a very strong article. Thank you for all the research you did.


    • Thank you for your feedback and constructive criticism. You are correct in that the article could be written better with multiple sources along with the ones referred. I’ll make sure to correct this in the future. And look forward to hearing from you.


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