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Facebook Shuts Down More Leftist Pages

Facebook, long has been the social media platform of choice by millions worldwide where everything from political ideas are shared to cat memes. It also has been known for it’s censorship knowing as being Zucced. It’s a dubious homage to creator Mark Zuckerberg’s community standards on Facebook. Within the past few days a number of leftist based pages have been unpublished by Facebook for various reasons, none of which a reasonable.

In the past few weeks pages with relative success have been taken down by Facebook. Crapitalism which had over 20K members and is a staunch communist page was unpublished. As was Dolan Trump, which is a widely popular page and the backup page was shut down by Facebook. The name alone is a dead give away as to what their page material is about. Anarcho-Opossumism was also removed recently. Though not as large as the other two sites, still was noticed within the leftist and opossum enthusiast communities. Don’t Cut Yourself On All That Edge, which is a page based on screenshoting bigots is consistently shut down, though understandable it is removed as the content is usually exposing racist, sexist, homophobic, etc posts, it is ironic that the page that exposes bigots is on its 4th addition while most of the original content is reported on the spot and left as it doesn’t violate the community standards. Unless you try to shed light on who is problematic within spaces, then Facebook holds issue with you, of course.

We already know Facebook caters to the most socioeconomically privilege, as proof with making the factual sentence “Men are trash” into a banable slur while having no issues with misogyny, transphobia, racist, and other openly shitty remarks being spewed by those they seek to protect online. It is also ironic that these pages are being removed, most likely via mass reporting thus proving that indeed conservatives are the real snowflakes.


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  1. Try being a right-winger on Twitter or Youtube. Face it, both sides have to deal with way too much bias

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  2. Whenever you have time, research into the horseshoe theory.

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