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V.P. Mike Pence Neighbors: Make America Gay Again

Aspen, Colorado: Vice President and noted homophobe and transphobe, Mike Pence’s had an unpleasant surprise from his neighbors at his vacation home this week by way of an LGBTQIA+ banner on a stone pillar. It is a mild form of liberal protest, though if you asked those on the right you’d assume these were staunch communists living in Aspen, that seems to have garnered more attention by bigots on Social Media’s sharing a Fox News article than the actual Vice President himself. Pitkin County deputy and Secret Service members there at the house were present when 3 residents from the neighboring home draped the banner across the pillar. Their reaction was of apathy.

Though the story has a less happy ending as one of the residents eventually came out with chili has hot beverages for the bigoted politician‘s protective crew according to Fox News. The couple and their daughter thought the Secret Service would take issue with the banner and acting upon their free speech but walked away saying that “They were really nice”.“They were really nice”.

Liberalism goes full circle.


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