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Homophobic Teacher Suspended In New Jersey

TRENTON — Social media claims another job of someone expressing bigoted views. A former New Jersey high school teacher who posted anti-gay comments on her Facebook page several years ago has agreed to a three-year suspension of her teaching certificates. reported that Jenye “Viki” Knox initially appealed a state Department of Education’s decision to revoke her three certificates to the Office of Administrative Law. She eventually would go on to inform the education department that she would agree to the three-year suspension. The state Board of Examiners accepted the proposal Dec. 8. The panel then immediately suspended the elementary school, nursery school and handicapped teaching certificates Knox has held since February 1990.

In Facebook posts made in 2011, the then-Union High School teacher called homosexuality a “perverted spirit” and a “sin” that “breeds like cancer.”

This would go to to outrage both liberals and conservatives believing the teachers First Amendment rights was violated. These comments where from a local radio station’s Facebook comment section. NJ101.5Fm.


There is no reason that an admitted homophobe or any kind of bigot is teaching of our children regardless if they publicly express their hatred towards individuals or in the privacy of their home beyond a keyboard or keypad.

If you support capitalism you cannot have an issue with this decision as the market has decided it doesn’t want a homophobe around their kids.

Otherwise you understand everybody has an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and will hopefully use this as a learning point to become a better person. If it takes the removal of ones career in this economic climate, then so be it.

Hatred is a construct that can be unlearned.



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