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The New Marxist Memes Is Better Than The Original

Less than a week ago Facebook removed Marxist Memes, a well known albeit extremely problematic leftist page. The original site was riddled with anti trans and anti sex worker posts that alienated and punched down on too many on the left while using Marxism as a cover for that bigotry. That being said, a few other leftist sites have also been targeted recently ranging from Anarchist to Tankie, that aren’t problematic. So it begs to ask what was the exact reason for their removal, their bigotry or their anti capitalism, like the others.


While the social media dust is still settling, a new Marxist Memes has been created. An inclusive page unlike its predecessor. This has been a refreshing sight within Leftbook as far too many sites use their platform for punching down on disenfranchised peoples rather than unifying marginalized peoples against the socioeconomic systems in control.


This was an introductory post regarding the name sake being used:

“This page is run by several transfems, who thought it would be funny and cool as heck to collectivize the name of the transphobic page and start our own. We have no relation to the original, transphobic page. This admin has been harassed multiple times before for being trans, and doesnt appreciate baseless allegations of transphobia. While we understand there may be some suspicions, the admins are committed to making this a better page than the original.
Dont talk over trans folks in the comments or otherwise, or you’ll be banned ⚧💪☭”



Though even with the oringal site remove, they are causing issue for the new page regarding intellectual property being used:




And of course their fans also are upset as are those that think solidarity with bigots is achievable based on some similar goals within the anti capitalism fight:





Either way let this be a learn lesson to the original page administrators who used the philosophy of Marxism for their own cause, which was exclusion of many. Hopefully they become better leftists but in the mean time, enjoy the new page.






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  1. This is not the real MM. The only official Marxist Memes page is this one:

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