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Facebook Page ‘Cheerful Nihilism’ Is Less Nihilism And More Status Quo

Nihilism. The first thing that comes to mind is the scene from The Big Lebowski and the words “I believe in nothing Lebowski”. Of course that’s an over dramatized representation of nihilism but it does stick in our minds forever. While a legitimate philosophy it is being distorted into an excuse for edgy, predominantly white cis males to become internet edgelords within the safety of their phones. There have been plenty of forums catering to these types of internet dwellers from 4chan to Ebaumsworld to Reddit, so of course Facebook would have their fair share as well.



Enter Cheerful Nihilism. A relatively popular site amongst the left and right. They decided to play a game of Schrodinger’s asshole. Which is to say something edgy or problematic, only to be called out for it and declare your statement a joke, a test, experiment.



There’s enough oppression and horrible things to be fought without someone on a page via social media stirring up those fighting it. Especially for likes and using a philosophy that bucks trends to instead follow bigoted trends. Nihilism doesn’t mean becoming a Status Quo Warrior.




But don’t forget to donate to them.


Edited: January 19th 10:45PM to include photos.


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