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Tweets From Corporations Aren’t Funny: They’re Capitalist Propaganda

We have all seen tweets from Wendy’s, Burger King, Hardees, Arby’s and a few other fast food chains that are attempting to troll other companies and their products through humor. You see many clickbait sites share these tweets and act like these faceless companies invented comedy. While some of these posts or responses can be humorous we must remember that these are still companies that under pay their employees while taking in outrageous profits off their labor and low quality products. There’s nothing funny about no benefits and low wages.


These accounts are ran by social media public relations, people who’s job is to get you to forget that their employees are being exploited by the company you’re chuckling at. Those behind the accounts most definitely make more than those actually serving you your food. It’s a very smart ploy to humanize a company by having its customers laugh along with it as if they were long lost friends. If you see Wendy’s as a funny Twitter account, you’re less likely to see them as the creation of capitalism and exploitation.


It’s understandable to get caught up in the humanization of these companies, as it is ingrained into our everyday life. Whenever a company releases a problematic or harmful product, the company apologizes. How is that possible that something with no functioning heart or brain can comment on any matter? Well we do have a President in the U.S. who does that on Twitter nightly so maybe I should digress.

When Target released an antisemitic card game, the company apologized through a representative but according to the media, the company itself issued the statement. Not a CEO, President, spokesperson, or representative. It’s these little subtle slip ups that allow the humanization of massive companies. Words and language means a lot for a reason and the notion of a company speaking upon its behalf is ludicrous.


So remember the next time you see Wendy’s in a Twitter war with Hardees, know that they are still paying low wages with little to no benefits. It’s capitalist propaganda meant to brainwash you into thinking these companies are living entities or harmless shoppes. They’re just a place of exploitation.


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