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Chelsea Manning To Run For Senate In Maryland

Senator Chelsea Manning out of Maryland. It’s a possibility. Chelsea Manning, the former Army private convicted of leaking classified government documents to WikiLeaks, is running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.

Chelsea, 30, filed candidacy paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission on Thursday, the Washington Post reported.

She was convicted in 2013 of 20 counts for releasing more than 700,000 classified government documents and sentenced to 35 years in prison — the longest sentence ever imposed in a leak case. She was released in May last year after serving seven years, when President Obama granted her clemency.

Those on the left praise her as a hero she is for fighting government secrecy as well as being as her anti capitalist and government views. Others on the right, including President Trump, bill her a traitor for releasing documents from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Guantánamo.


Since being released from prison in Kansas, Chelsea moved to Maryland but has remained a vocal activist.

She has penned columns about transgender rights and government transparency for The Guardian, and rode on an ACLU float in the NYC Pride Parade in June.

She is also an outspoken social media activist. Chelsea recently made headlines when she tweeted ‘Fuck the police’ on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. 

Manning would face-off with incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin, who has served two terms and is up for re-election in November.

Chelsea has captured the hearts of the left based on her courageous actions in sacrificing her freedom and safety by exposing crimes committed by the U.S. government, now she is up for the harder challenge of winning the votes of conservatives and centrist liberals in a southern state. 


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