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Lest We Forget Jeb Bush Would Kill Baby Hitler: Please Clap

jebbabyHitlerComrade Jeb Bush? Stranger things have happened but it seems that Communists and Anarchists finally have one thing in common. The willingness to kill baby Hitler.


We’ve all seen the Memes declaring Jeb Bush an honory comrade. Of course Jeb, a right wing politician with a right centrist political voting history from a well known bourgeois family that have been in power of people in some capacity since the 30s isn’t a comrade in real life, but that’s what makes the inside joke fun.


While hilarious is may be as confusing as ‘Anarchists for Bernie Sanders’ was for many unaware of its satirical nature, this clip will show you just were these memes spawned from.



We should have all clapped for that time machine.


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