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South Carolina Woman Sprays Anti Capitalist & Anti Police Graffiti In Neighborhood

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Charleston Police have arrested a 22-year-old woman after officers say she vandalized at least six homes and buildings on the peninsula with anti-police and anarchist graffiti. . (WCIV)


Makenzie Leigh Ruppe is in jail at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center after being arrested Sunday, Jan. 6, on six charges of malicious damage to property.

According to police, Ruppe spray-painted graffiti at the TD Bank on Calhoun Street, two houses on Charlotte Street, the New Tabernacle Fourth Baptist Church on Elizabeth Street, and both a house and a business on Washington Street.

Some of the images and phrases police say Ruppe tagged the buildings with include “Kill Capitalism, Kill Cops,“ “Kill Cops,” “Fuck Cops,” and multiple anarchist symbols.

According to police, they arrested Ruppe after a man reportedly witnessed Ruppe in the act of spray-painting the home and business on Washington Street, and the bank on Calhoun Street. The witness reportedly followed Ruppe until police located and detained her. Police say they found Ruppe in possession of several cans of spray paint, which she reportedly told officers she had because she was an art student.

Ruppe reportedly admitted she had vandalized three structures, according to police. Three other vandalized buildings did lie along a route leading directly back to Ruppe’s home, police added.

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