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The Friend Of The People Wants To Open Food & Clothing Pantry In Communities

Christmas Day 2017, thanks to the help of my lovely and amazing wife, we launched ‘The Friend Of The People‘ to provide local and worldwide independent information from a leftist point of view as well as distribute resources to our communities. As of now we consist of a handful of writers from North Carolina, West Virginia, Missouri, and New Jersey who seek to use this outlet not only as a means of journalistic escapism, but also as a way to promote personal and important causes.


Understanding the information being provided is simple as we are a political website, but what do we mean “distributing resources to our communities”? As you can most likely tell we are anti capitalist and seek to fight for a better socioeconomic system for us all to thrive under. Unfortunately in this world you still need capital in order to do a lot in which you seek to accomplish. We, myself especially, are lacking that capital.


This is where this site comes into play. Beyond the promotion of awareness through our writings we plan on using advertising, in order to gain capital in order to provide those resources. We wish to fight capitalism with capital the best we can in our local areas. While we wish to abolish capitalism, the grim reality is until we do, there will always be rent being struggled to get paid, food that needs to be brought to the table, clothes and resources for the homeless that needs to be provided, and emotional support for those in need will always be sought.


And that’s where we want to step in. Now I will not speak for the other ccontributors, but I can speak on our goal for Greensboro North Carolina.


By the end of 2019, we would like to open a food and clothing pantry for Greensboro NC. That would entail renting a small space to house all supplies as well as being accessible for those seeking our solidarity. This would also entail purchasing supplies, IE coats, food, feminine hygiene products, essentials like deodorant, soap, and toothpaste, hair care products (not just V05 and Suave), as well as anything else that would be needed on top of accepting donations. Not only would we like to be able to give canned food, fresh foods and frozen foods, we would like to have the means to provide a hot meal at least once a day for those in the area in need. This would eventually become 3 meals a day.

I understand we can not simply expect donations to be able to provide enough resources, as the amount of homeless around the city states exactly that. Donations will be a major reason we will succeed but we also need to use our platform in order to jump start, then build on our goals.


As of now I have a good working relationship with a local temple on Jefferson as well as a friendly relationship with a church on Market, who is willing to help either provide contacts, resources, manpower, or a platform to work with but we aren’t to that point where we are able to be more than manpower ourselves thanks to lack of capital.


Now this is a frustratingly slow process unfortunately. If you’re a capitalist looking for a quick get rich scheme this writing for a website isn’t for you. In order for the site to make $100 we would need 280,000 readers a month. Yikes! As a new site that’s a feat to climb but as a new site online, these programs don’t make it easy for you. In order to be accepted by a better application, we will need to hit that 280K threshold for 6 months, pay for a business account, then have our fingers crossed that the ad program worth anything goes full capitalism and accepts our application knowing we can bring them traffic. So your views help us grow and become the site we need to become in order to accomplish our dreams.


Capitalism is such a racket.


So with knowing all this you know it will take 6 months minimum of in order to even get to the point where we are an established site. Once we begin we will keep everybody updated on what we are accomplishing in our community. That means accountability. We aren’t bourgeoisie using this to pad our pockets, we are using this platform to serve the communities we love that are neglected by those in power and with privilege.


Here in Greensboro we have a major homeless population, including a tent city on Wendover. As someone who was homeless for years, this deeply affects me directly as I understand the lack of available resources for many. We are supposed to help those struggling or in need, and instead we turn our backs on the disenfranchised. We need to be the change in which we seek as we know those in power don’t care about those without a voice.


You may criticise us for being staunchly anti capitalist while using capitalism to fight capitalism, and that’s understandably so. But we can no longer stand back and allow our fellow brother and sisters suffer while governmental agencies turn a blind eye.


We will be the left the bible belt doesn’t expect. And we need your help along the way. We will provide solidarity not charity.





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