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Facebook Removes ‘Respect For Plebs’ Page

Facebook continues it’s purge of anti capitalist leftist pages on Friday, with the unpublishing of the ‘Respect For Plebs’ site.


The page, which had over 61K likes, was unpublished for essentially punching upwards at white people on social commentary. Facebook allows content that punches down onto disenfranchised peoples but clearly protects the most privileged. Their community standards lack true standards for what they consider problematic, but yet they make it clear that they are willing to go out of their way to defend white people and their feelings. They make no such effort with people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community. If there is no “safe space” for oppressed peoples, why is there one for white folks?


According to the creator, who wishes to remain anonymous, this isn’t the first time ‘Respect For Plebs’ has been unpublished. About 2 months ago this occurred for similar reasons. They won their last appeal and hope to do so with this one.


The past month and change has been rough for leftist pages and their admins with Dolan Trump, Crapitalism, Anarcho-Opossumism, and Marxist Memes (through they are/were transphobic) all being unpublished, or ‘Zucced’, by Facebook.


Hopefully ‘Respect For Plebs’ wins their appeal and comes back into our newsfeeds again. If not, Leftbook is sure to rally around a beloved page and help with a rebuild.





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  1. What is plebs?


  2. The page didn’t exactly “make fun of white people” it was more of an anti capitalist page that has a strong “fuck white people” following. It’s disingenuous to claim that as the pages purpose, when the page itself was not activley doing that. Rather the pages fan base was a large collection of anticapitalists, AnComs, Sjws (who actually do have a clear and racist hatred towards any and all white people) and others. Your article was very poorly written and misrepresentative of the page


    • Nobody said the page hated white people, you assumed that. The only mention of white people were within the photo that caused it to be removed. RFP is well known as an anti capitalist page that touches on white privilege, which is what cause md the page removal. We appreciate your feedback, the article was approved by the creator of RFP. Thank you for your time.

      PS. You can’t be racist towards white people. Prejudice yes. Not racist. Racism implies systemic power, something POC do not possess to be racist against white people. Thanks though



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