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Chelsea Manning: Comrade Or Problematic?

Chelsea Manning has been a polarizing figure in the U.S. since her arrest for espionage as well as her eventual release from prison from said charges. The right wing sees her as a traitor and a Communist and liberals see her as brave but a Communist. How do those on the left feel about Chelsea, you know actual Communists? (Anarchists and Socialists too)

Up until Saturday, Chelsea was more comrade then not, even with her announcement she would seek office as Senator of Maryland as an establishment Democrat. You can justify these actions if you’d like with she’s trying to disrupt the system if as radicalized as presented whether you support voting or not.

Whether that would happen if elected, is another thing. No politician, no matter how progressive or radical is going to be either be a hypocrite and not do anything they say to survive in the field of politics, or comprise to while agreeing to otherwise bad policies and laws to gain a small victory and to survive in the field of politics.

But this is about Chelsea herself. A very vocal leftist, seemingly anti capitalist and anti police, has been seen “crashing” an Alt-Right/white supremacist party on Saturday evening.


The problem with that notion of crashing would entail that you weren’t welcomed. When you crash a party, there is no handshakes and photo ops. There is tension usually met with hostility.


Jack Posobiec, Lucian Wintrich, Cassandra Fairbanks, Will Chamberlain, and Mike Cernovich are all noted alt right white nationalists.

“while she was not there protesting, she was there in a effort to bridge gaps between left and right.”


I don’t know about you but I don’t want to bridge a gap between myself and fascists. I want them under the bridge. Drowning.

While Chelsea has the right to explain herself before further judgement, she as a white person in the America isn’t free from judgement. No person of color would be in her position shaking hands with the voices of their oppressors without discomfort. Chelsea is not free from the criticism and backlash of being white and easily assimilating with white supremacists. That’s the essence of white privilege.

I’ll be the first to admit as a former US Army soldier myself who left the military half way through my contract, I was biased and looked upon her with rose colored glasses. Very rarely does the U.S. military produce radical leftism and when it happens you’re almost taken back by it. I’ll admit I respect Chelsea and was swept up in radical tweets.

Chelsea has said a lot of good things, unleashed important and critical information which caused her to be unjustly imprisoned. All these things are true but none of that condones the ability to pal around with crypto fascists.




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