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Woman Who Used Racial Slur In Video No Longer Enrolled At Wake Forest

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – “Pro Humanitate” or “for humanity” is the motto of Wake Forest, who now has one less student thanks to their addmited use of a racial slur against members of humanity.

A woman is no longer enrolled at Wake Forest University after she admitted to using a racial slur in a video posted to social media.

The school said that students and university leaders were made aware of the video over the weekend, but have not released specific details about it.



Wake Forest University President Nathan O. Hatch sent the following message to students, faculty and staff in an email on Sunday which read, in part:

“In a message to the campus community Saturday morning, Vice President for Campus Life Penny Rue stated, and I affirm, racist and discriminatory acts are not tolerated at Wake Forest. We are committed to building a welcoming community in which all members are supported, and in which dialogue and understanding prevail.

University leaders took this matter very seriously. Staff in the Division of Campus Life immediately began an investigation and offered additional support services to students.

As of today, the student who appeared in the video is no longer enrolled at Wake Forest. Due to Federal privacy laws, we will not be able to share further information about this matter.”


Fox8 is the first to report and we will update you with more when we learn more.



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