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Brilliantly Adorable Cat Bath Rap iAmMoshow

We come for to the internet to interact with friends and family, discuss politics, and cat videos.

Rapper iAmMoshow has released an adorable video with his cat he dubs his son, Ravioli, in his bathtub. iAmMoshow is known as the ‘cat rapper’ and has released multiple cat raps on his YouTube channel.

This freestyle is inspired by iAmMoshow washing his kids in the bath. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

Not only is the video full of cuteness, it has a few good messages to take from it.

Adopt your animal friend/family member, never buy.

Love your animal like they’re family.

Always practice good hygiene.





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  1. What an adorable little video. Great message, adopt don’t shop.❤🐺❤Thank you for sharing this.


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