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Not Only Are Pages Unsafe From Being Zucced By Your Personal Profile Is In Danger Too

This has become a weekly theme on Facebook, page after page is being removed despite the social media platform stating they would allow their users to choose their news source online. Well with the removal of Respect For Plebs today permanently being deleted after losing their appeal and teleSUR English being unpublished, it’s clear you have no choice.


But what happens to the administrators who run these pages? They have to battle unpredictable community standards that cater to the socially privileged, the white and the cis. They have to have their content banished from the face of the earth due to an algorithm change that forces page creators to either have low views or feed the capitalistic beast for views. They face bans from reports of a warning for first offense, 1 day on the second, 3 days on the third, 7 days on the fourth, and 30 days on the fifth violation of these unpredictable community standards. Any report thereafter is a month in Facebook jail.


These violations wouldn’t be such an issue if Facebook took context in to hand or had constant policies. Too many blatantly racist or homophobic vor sexist things slip through that somehow escape your reports. Ableism (using the R word) isn’t even considered a violation despite it being one of the more common bigoted remarks.

As an admin of a leftist site you to consider all these things while posting, to the point you speak in an entirely new language. YT or YTE is white. That still isn’t safe enough to type as that can still get you a ban. And as you guess these add up to an eventual page being removed.


This can also happen to your personal profile, especially if connected to your “like pages”. Facebook has done a lot of sketchy things with their profile polices, demanding ‘birth names’ and licence photos, which comprises a lot of people who wish to use this social media platform under a different name to remain safe. It also means that you as an administrator trying to create a ‘faux’ profile or ‘troll’ profile, find it harder to do so as Facebook has started to crack down on profiles they deem suspicious. IE low amount of friends, no real picture for their facial verification, little likes on the profile, ETC. So if you’re in Facebook jail, chances are so is your page unless you create a verifiable account. And you can’t have a lot unless you utilize different cell numbers and emails (which is the easier part).

So if Facebook isn’t concerned with keeping their users who wish to participate under the safety of a different name or honor the identity of transgender folks without deadnaming them in the fight against fake profiles, then you know it’s only an amount of time before they go after your personal page that is verified.

And that’s what happened to me. My personal profile that I’ve been using since 2009, was removed. I was logged out for “suspicious activity” despite being on day 16 of a 30 day ban, and was asked th verify my account, which I’ve done before. Type in my cell phone number, receive the text code, enter it, and it takes you right back to the code screen. Tried it on my app, browser, and computer to no avail.


Asked my spouse to search for my profile and was met with this.


Now that’s 8 years of memories. Our wedding and kids photos. Friends who have passed away that you’re still friends with. All because you choose to admin pages that are leftist in nature.


I am not saying right wing pages don’t face these same issues, i am saying they don’t face these issues at the same rate. For every Respect For Plebs or teleSUR English removed on the left, there’s 5 nationalist pages screaming about brown people existing that remain on the right. You have pages like Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children that is over a million likes and openly preaches a war on the marginalized with every post, they remain. How do they touch a million plus likes while promoting white supremacy and pages like Respect For Plebs hits 60K and gets removed?

Facebook doesn’t care about Its members are disenfranchised, and they certainly don’t care about you if you aren’t paying for advertising. Uncle Sam’s pays for ads and promotes every bigoted stereotype or fallacy you can imagine. RFP didn’t spend one dime while promoting anti bigotry.

So beware if you are thinking about starting a political page. Not only will you face the headache of never being able to appease everybody, but you’re going to feel like a modern day Lenny Bruce fighting censorship when all you want to do is network, see family and friends, and post political cat memes.


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