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teleSUR English: Yet Another Page Removed By Facebook

Facebook continues its purge of political pages, even after Mark Zuckerberg said you’d be able to choose your news outlet on Facebook.



teleSUR English was just that for many. A trusted source of information that touched on many subjects, one being U.S. imperialist policies. Which leads many to believe that their unpublishing is due to their criticism of the U.S.

teleSUR English had over 390K likes at the time of their removal.




This adds to the list of pages removed in recent months. Though this one raises an eyebrow after Facebook announced they are going to let you choose your news source a few days ago.

Hopefully they are republished. Until then follow them on Twitter.



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  1. Until they return, I’ve created an aggregate to post news directly from their website via RSS feed:

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  2. I heard from someone inside TSE that this happened as it was accidentally unpublished by them.



  1. Not Only Are Pages Unsafe From Being Zucced By Your Personal Profile Is In Danger Too – The Friend Of The People

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