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An Introduction To Conspiracy Theories Part Two: Conspiracy or Conspiracy Theory?

Part One can be found here So What Is A Conspiracy? The simplest definition, which is available online, is “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.” Joseph Uscinski and Joseph Parent, authors of the 2014 book,  American Conspiracy Theories give us this definition, “A Secret arrangement between two or more actors to usurp political or economic power, violate established rights, hoard vital secrets, or unlawfully alter […]

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By Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain (Editor’s note:  Sean Swain is allegedly currently restricted from interacting with general population due to the MLK Day prison strikes.  He’s been placed on “half range” for yard time, and he believes his mail is being withheld).  MLK DAY ON EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN: HOW THE POLICY OF PUTTING PRISON OPERATIONS INTO THE HANDS OF JUST ANY RANDOM, FUCKIN’ MORON LEADS TO CHAOS AND PREDICTABLE, PREVENTABLE VIOLENCE, […]

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Noam Chomsky Talks About His Book ‘On Anarchism’

Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist speaking at Massachusetts institution of Technology in Cambridge Massachusetts on November 18th 2013. Chomsky discusses his book ‘On Anarchism’, in which it covers Anarchists and Anarchism’s history as well as the author’s opinion on current Anarchism and how it is used and viewed. 

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