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Chelsea Manning: Comrade Or Problematic?

Chelsea Manning has been a polarizing figure in the U.S. since her arrest for espionage as well as her eventual release from prison from said charges. The right wing sees her as a traitor and a Communist and liberals see her as brave but a Communist. How do those on the left feel about Chelsea, you know actual Communists? (Anarchists and Socialists too)


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Espn’s ‘Sportscenter’ Banned Me For Calling Out Sexist Commentators

On August 5th 2014, the San Antonio Spurs made a historical hire of WNBA and women’s basketball legend Becky Hammon by making her the first full time female assistant coach in NBA history. While any basketball fan without displays of toxic masculinity can tell you that was an intelligent and knowledgeable hire by one of the more progressive sports teams, The Spurs. The misogynists on the other hand, were not having it.

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An Introduction To Conspiracy Theories Part One: Political Science, Power and Not Being Lazy

This essay is an edited version of a lecture I gave in May of 2017 entitled Conspiracy Theories as Lazy Political Science. What follows will be a multi part essay providing what I hope to be a primer on how to spot conspiracy theories.  It is my understanding that conspiracy theorists seem to be either unaware of or unwilling to deal with the complexity of societal power. Conspiracism (The belief […]

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